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How Our Guests Feel About Murray River Walk

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The guides are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient with all the guests.
– Anne V, August 2017
Hard to decide my favourite part- it was all fantastic! Great variety, beautiful landscapes, friendly and knowledgeable guides, great local food and wine. I love the combination of cruising and walking and of course, great birdlife!
– Kristy-Ann, May 2017
Amazing experience with Tony, Dean and the totally organised and lovely Lauren. Everything about this walk was sensational - guides knowledge about the history of the region awe inspiring, fantastic food and accompanying wines and super comfy beds and pillows after a day out roaming the countryside feeling like we were the first to do so. Definitely a Great Walk of Australia!
– Karen W, May 2017
There are some places where you could easily sit & stay forever. Whether walking with a still mind or conversations with like- minded people, I felt a sense of meaning & a real sense of place. We will forever hold the memories and associations from our 4 days on this broad and noble river. Exploring is one of the best ways of exercising the mind and walking travels both terrains.
– Karen F, July 2018
It was a wonderful trip. Passionate guides, contrasting landscapes, great food & wine. Beautiful and comfortable houseboat. It was exactly the activity, rest and relaxation I needed. A treasured trip.
– Natalie C, May 2018
An other-worldly mix of water-ways, trees, geology, birds, animals and spectacular scenery provide a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend you take this walk with Tony Sharley and his team before it gets properly discovered.
– Jim T, June 2016
This experience was far more in every way than I expected. A fabulous time, scenery and food along with great people and accommodation!
– Annette K, June 2017
What a magnificent trip. So many great memories, the walks, the sunrises and sunsets, the exceptional food. Great Walk, Great Talk and Great Food and Wine. Who could ask for more! We had a ball.
– Ken N, June 2017
A magical experience - everyone who can walk should do it and learn the importance of conservation of the region and experience the beauty of the Murray River
– Patricia M, May 2018
This was such a wonderful experience for me. Our guides passion and knowledge was a huge part of my enjoyment. The attention to detail made me feel safe when doing things I’d not done before. The food and accommodation was way above what I had expected.
– Robyn, September 2018
Fantastic escape! Great guides, informative, comfortable, lovely food & wine- a perfect introduction to walking tours, though I feel the bar has now been set very high.
– Susan H, May 2017
My favourite part was being exposed to the fascinating and diverse land forms, flora and fauna of this amazing ecosystem. I am constantly amazed at the river itself and how it has supported not only the wildlife but human settlement for more than 40,000 years.
– Paul T, August 2018
What a spectacular part of our World! Murray River Walk opens the door to the secrets of an ever changing landscape that lies just beyond the banks of the mighty Murray River.
It is so unique and untouched! Tony and his team have a true passion for this region, and Tony’s knowledge of the River system and its history is incredible.
The accommodation and food and wine, sourced locally for this experience, is absolutely “top class”.
Thank you so much to all at Murray River Walk, and also my fellow walkers for making this such an enjoyable 4 days of rivertime. A must do!
– Jane M, September 2016
I appreciated the care and attention the guides gave us in so many ways - catered to my special diet. I felt safe, comfortable to ask questions and nothing was too much trouble. The history of this area was re-discovered.
– Wendy W, July 2018
The entire journey was an adventure of self discovery. A polar opposite of my life at home, I felt at peace with the land, wildlife and river ambiance.
– Rebecca P, June 2017
Couldn't speak highly enough of the guides knowledge, care for clients and the ability to change sections of the walk to be more appropriate for the weather and walkers needs and comfort.
– Michelle M, September 2017
The connection to local was a great pleasure to experience. Food was very special. Guides helpful, supportive and very sharing with their knowledge and time.
– Margart L, May 2018
It was a privilege to see this unique and special place, made so interesting by the extremely knowledgeable and hospitable guides.
– Jasmine H, May 2017
There were many highlights including the ancient river red gums, the great diversity of vegetation, the amazing campsite fires, the luxury of waking up in a comfortable bed and viewing a sunrise on the biggest river of Australia.
– Ron S, June 2016
We appreciated the depth of knowledge of the region and know much more now of the nuances of the River and its surroundings.
– Wendy W, August 2017
This walk was able to bring together good quality accommodation, great food, comfortable walking and education about the Murray River. The scenery was spectacular, and I have developed a new found love for this area.
– Jane F, September 2018
I came away with a sense of understanding and fulfillment. A highlight was seeing the Red capped Robin, sharing the journey with passionate people and learning more about the richness of the Murray River habitats.
– Mary-Alice S, June 2016
This has been an amazing experience. The care we have been given by the guides was amazing. I thought I was coming for a walk but I have had a whole lesson on the environment, birds, animals, plants and the history of the Murray Darling Basin.
– Julie, September 2018
Truly excellent experience. The combination of activities was very well planned and reflected the teams absolute passion for the Murray River, its history and local produce.
– Domenika T, September 2017
Fantastic guides! I learnt so much from the guides who are very passionate about their region and are great ambassadors for the Riverland. An extremely well planned set of walks that showed us the different aspects of the river system. I never knew I would enjoy looking at birds. My guide's passion for the flora was infectious.
– Paul W, June 2017
It was such fun as well as being a fantastic insight into the Murray River and the habitat that it supports.
To come back to the houseboat in the late afternoon and sit around a campfire on the bank of the river and share drinks (organic champagne in my case) with friends was very easy to get used to. A superb dinner party every night was also not hard to take.
– Amanda R, September 2016
I was enthralled by the landscape, the colours, the bird life, so skilfully pointed out to us by the lead guide. Coming from New Zealand this walk is a great contrast. Walking along the riverbank, with scenery of the different types of gums identified, the sound of branches snapping underfoot, and of bird life it was truly wonderful. I highly recommend this walk for the contrasts, the foods and the wonderful experience of the Murray River wilderness, with the warm, friendly, knowledgeable guides, who shared their passion for it with our group of 10. Get your boots on, this walk will get you into the open, beautiful wilderness of the Murray River environment.
– Madeline C, July 2018
This was is particularly well thought out with the combination of land & water showcasing the amazing scenery, produce and history and geology of the area. It is a very serene experience, loved every bit.
– Liz R, July 2018
We did not know what to expect but certainly an enjoyable experience all round. I now understand much more about the Murray Basin and it’s complexities.
– Hardy P, May 2018


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